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T. Ledger and SD deliver experimental new album entitled “Freestyles 3.”

Australian artist, producer, writer and multi talented musician, drops a brand new experimental album entitled “Freestyles 3.” The seven track collaboration project is a bold entry from the artist who’s vocals on the album are entirely freestyle. Delivering a varied and articulating flow, the artist leaves the listening audience on edge, not knowing what to expect next as he quickly switches flow, tone and delivery as the album progresses.

From a production standpoint the album is as experimental as they come, showcasing a blended offering of Trap, Lo Fi, traditional Hip Hop tones and even some Trance like tendencies.

You can’t simply put this album into a singular category as it’s just so outlandishly unorthodox. This for the listener is it’s prime focus point highlight, bold in it’s approach and unapologetically raw, T. Ledger takes an unprecedented step forward with this latest album.



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