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Sylvia Brooks delivers Jazz classic album “SIGNATURE”

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Sylvia Brooks is a fast-rising Jazz vocalist, her latest work is delivered in the form of a nine-track album entitled “SIGNATURE.” Sylvia brings her audiences a mesmerising combination of smooth articulate vocals backed by organic and soulful instrumentation.

Opener “You're Heart Is As Black As Night” delivers a stunning opening showcasing the artists solid and nostalgic vocals right away. “Catch 22” is a lesson in fine Jazz oozing lush charisma and enticing saxophone solo’s.

“Red Velvet Rope” and “Over And Done” hit the mark when it comes to emotional conviction as the artist unveils her signature and sincere state of internal expression. Upbeat “The Boy That Lived There" filled with enigmatic drama throughout, a real story of imagery. “Sixteen” is a more striped back number that has a real emphasis on the instrumental backing. The final three songs see some of the best vocal work on the album “The Flea Markets of Paris” is like a step back in time that makes for a truly moving performance.

“Holding Back Tears” showcases a delicate performance with a blissful display of piano chords in the background that feels like the perfect accompaniment to Sylvia's vocals. Album closer “Boogie Street” is the perfect way to close out the album culminating all the highlights expected from Sylvia Brooks.



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