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Sweet Lily Love drops electro infusion classic cover “Toy Town”

Sweet Lily Love, brings some electro infusion vibes on her cover of hardcore classic cover of “Toy Town” by by Hixxy and Sharkey. Sweet Lily Love is known for her expressive and unique musical offerings, taking close inspiration from 90’s electronic artists, this is an artist that brings the best of the past into the modern day with her own distinct spin.

Her latest cover is another showcase of versatility and uptempo action. The song wastes no time throwing the listener straight into the deep end with a fantasy infused combination of techno production and early reverb laced vocals. The artist sings the lead vocals panned over the intense and pulsating backdrop. The song deviates from the original, with the artist making her presence felt whilst making the song her own. It’s never easy to perform a cover and make it better than the original but Sweet Lily Love does this with ease. She sticks to her strengths well and has added another solid addition to her impressive musical catalogue.



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