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Summer is officially here thanks to Just Pool's latest single "I'm Chilling"

Just Pool has been dropping a number of classic smooth dance jams this year. The producer from Reading UK, brings out all the stops on his latest offering.

The songs intention is to be a summer classic and there is no doubt, it most certainly is.

Opening vocals are delivered with the assist from artist Faber who's powerful tone really does add something extra to the track. The song has an immediate feel good vibe to it, with the lyrics well written building up to the great drop of a chorus.

"Take me higher"rings out as the house style production and glorious string style synths provide all the right feels for summer.

The 2:50 breakdown features some of the best vocals of the track, the lead vocals gear towards a wonderful dreamy falsetto flooded with reverb, before transporting the listener back to the climatic chorus which see the song out. The backing layered vocals are worth noting here too, as they bring an additional layer of emotion and energy to the track.

The song is most definitely a catchy record that will be on the playlists of many beach worshipers, party lovers, dance enthusiasts. Just Pool has really created some of his best work here, impressively with a number of releases already out this year, things are looking incredibly exciting for the artist with each and every release seemingly being even better.





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