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Summer arrives early with "1996" the catchy Hip Hop jam from Jgriff,

This one is as catchy as they come. "She from 1996, little shorty got the drip" rings out during the infectious chorus. The new single is a great effort from the fast rising artist.

Adding some amazing and individual value in his own way to the track with some tight and clever lyrical wordplay, which is at the forefront, establishing the songs vibe from the opening bars. Production wise it's nice, a guitar sample lies constantly in the background not overpowering but complimenting the vocals and the rest of the beat. It's uptempo vibe really make for a song that you can't help but bop to.

There is definitely a trap inspired feel in regards to the rest of the production, but it's light not with a heavy down set mood intention. Providing his distinct unique tone and vibe to the track the song oozes swag and party anthem vibes

Overall this one is a fun one and super catchy make sure you tune in and stream here

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