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SUGAR ADDIKT drop electro infused single "Shackles"

Wordsmith Vanessa Littrell and vocalist Bowman Littrell make up the band known as "Sugar Addict" an infectious duo from Seattle. Bringing a fresh and alternative vibe to their music though blistering synth patterns and unorthodox background vocal washes. The mother and son duo definitely have the knack for creating upbeat and dance ready songs.

Each track from the project offers a different tone slightly from the previous song. But the project as a whole has a undeniable consistency. With the lead single "Shakles" being easy to imagine a favourite go to for club goers and EDM lovers. There is no doubt the techno and EDM influences are prevalent pretty much throughout the course of the record providing some refreshing dance break moments.

Considering this is their first collaboration effort, the EP and single holds up really well. The duo stuck to their intention and delivered with a high energy versatile project, that easily showcased their individuality and musical side.


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