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Succii brings Pop infused super hit with new single “Pit a Pat”

Sucii is an upcoming artist currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Starting his professional career this year, Sucii realised his primary focus was in music, after growing tired of the corporate world. Now he showcases his array of musical talents to his growing audience, his latest entry entitled “Pit a Pat” is a stunning jam packed single from the artist.

Addictive bass licks, Pop fusion tones and swanky lyrics are just the beginning and did we mention just how smooth Suciis voice is! Soulful, elegant and emotive, the artists vocals are one of the clear highlights on the track. In addition the much welcomed rap verse does well at showcasing the artists flow and versatile capabilities. It also keeps things refreshing as does the array of production. The song contains all the hallmarks of a great pop record and is without a doubt a modern contemporary classic, sprinkled with some Jazz and R&B tones.

Sucii does incredibly well at bringing the audience into his world, heartbreak, love and memories are just some of the relatable themes on the track, combined with the artists mesmerising performance, “Pit a Pat” is a legitimate certified classic.




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