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Streets Soprano drops hard hitting new single "Whoever It Pertains Too.”

Streets Soprano (BSF) is back with a new mega hit entitled “Whoever It Pertains Too.” The song contains all the classic tones that the artist is known for. Hard hitting lyricism fills the track from start to finish as the artist showcases his elite level flow. It seems Streets Soprano was made for this. The Black Soprano Family, have a united group of highly talented creatives and this latest entry from Streets Soprano is a leading example of just how good these guys are.

The production is taken care of by Imminent productions, who have done an outstanding job here. The song is a confident balance of high intensity Hip Hop with a dark Trap undertone that creates a gritty narrative accompanying the artists nostalgic rap bars.

The song is also accompanied by a smooth and impressive visual, Streets Soprano takes centre stage and demonstrates his natural on screen charisma and confidence. The visual also has some darker scenes with violent tendencies, keeping the audience on edge throughout the entirety of the video.

The artist has done a great job here at keeping the listener engaged throughout both with the audio and the equally as impressive visual.



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