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Stevie Ray holds nothing back on powerful new release "IG Live"

With Police brutality being one of the defining topics on the 2020 calendar, many artists around the world have used their talent and voice to express their feelings and thoughts. Using his skilful creative flair, the North Carolina based wordsmith Stevie Ray delivers a powerful and moving performance. With no filters, the artist flows rapidly over a trap inspired beat. Melodic in his approach, his conviction on clear display, as the subject matter is clearly something he holds close to heart.

Including his own experiences with the system the artist has an incredible maturity with his lyrical content, clever wordplay and rhythmic twists keep the listener fully engaged as we wait to see where the song will take us. Not an easy thing to do, which makes Stevie's performance even more impressive. In only his first single on steaming platforms it appears the artist has hit the ground running. With 2021 around the corner it's intriguing to see what direction the artist will take next! Were excited to find out. Stream "IG Live"here


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