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Stephan R Boechat releases powerful EP "Beneath Rubber and Plastic"

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

The songwriter, guitarist and singer who writes and records in both English and Portuguese frequently creates song of variating styles and genres. The artist has been releasing quality back to back work now for some time.

His latest release comes in the form of a full and powerful EP number "Beneath Rubber and Plastic" A force to be reckoned with and a clear standout project in the artists wide and impressive array of discovery.

The songs demonstrate conviction laced vocals, heavy guitar, drums and bass instrumentals along with some heartfelt and emotional lyrics.

Each song differing and contrasting heavily in regards to production and pace which works incredibly well creating a natural yet unexpected lyrical flow. The chorus area on the records packed heavy with layered vocals and warping guitar riffs.

Overall the artist has produced a well crafted body of work that will highlight just how good he is to fans and followers alike



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