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Spotlight Thursday with multi talented R&B singer Myla Vie

Myla Vie, has gained recognition from various platforms including the likes of BBC Radio, a young but talented prospect from the south east of England who has honed her own style of production and vocal delivery claiming followers along the way, we sat down with Myla before the release of her new single "Real Love"which is out on all platforms November 9th

How did your journey into music begin? I have always sang since I can remember, my parents were always listening to a variety of artists such as Queen, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc. and encouraged us to listen to them as well. My granddad played piano very well and I feel like that inspired me to want to get into music, also my dad would always be up for karaoke whenever he got the chance! The first time I sang in front of people was in a church when I was 12 years old and since then I have carried on!  There are definitely some R&B elements to your music but how would you describe your sound? I think my sound depends on how I am feeling at the time of creating the song or writing the lyrics, most of the songs I have brought out have had a soul element and can sound quite ambient as well.  Do you write, play and produce your own songs and if so what is your writing and production process? I write and produce my own songs, I am still a little rough with playing guitar and piano, so when writing songs I can be playing two notes and then a whole idea/song will come out and I will quickly write it down or record it on my phone. Sometimes I just come up with lyrics and write them down and work out the sound of it later on. I have always used writing songs as a kind of therapy to how I am feeling. I also use the programme splice which allows me to use samples, so I chop, mix and master a beat in and then it all seems to come together with a lot of mixing and mastering!  Who are your musical inspirations? There are too many to name ha! Lana Del Rey has been a big inspiration to me over the years, when she first came out, her songs made it okay to feel sad and not be okay all the time. Freddie Mercury is also a massive inspiration, he is one of the greatest showmen I have ever watched. But there have been so many over the years, Nelly Furtado, Anastacia, Whitney Houston, Kylie Minogue, Michael Jackson, Linkin Park etc.  What would you say are the common themes and subjects in your songs? Probably mental health issues and women empowerment.  What was life like for you growing up? Did music play a part in early life? There were some tough times growing up, especially in my teen years, singing was always a coping mechanism for me and writing poems/lyrics. I struggled with a lot of anxiety and depression because of things that had happened which affected my confidence with singing live. It took awhile for me to be able to get back into the swing of performing at open mics and gigs again. Music has definitely always been around since I was very young, it has always been a massive influence in my life listening to various different genres/songs old and new.  What do you want to achieve in music? What music and artists have done for me, I want to be able to do the same for my own fans. I want to be able to change lives and inspire people with my music. To perform to thousands of fans would be incredible, having them sing your own lyrics back to you would be a dream come true. Music saved my life, so I hope my music can do the same for others one day.  Any messages for your followers?

Always be yourself and love yourself. Take care of your mental health and don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't achieve something. Follow your dreams and never give up. Because even at the worst times of your life you can still come back from it and you can still have the things you want in life. 

Stream Myla's music here


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