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Spotlight Thursday interview with the fast rising: Sinikka Monte

Today we're so excited to bring you our eagerly anticipated interviews series beginning with the wonderful "Sinikka Monte." Still only at the beginning of her musical journey, Sinikka possess incredible talent with a spectacular voice and a pop perfected number of singles under her belt. We sat down to discuss her entry into the industry and to find out her future plans:

How did you get into music? I was 12 years old when I joined the school band and then started to write songs. Later on I started taking piano lessons and joined the Music School band in my home town St.Pölten in Austria. In 2019 when I won the „Joe Zawinul Z Award“ and got to travel to LA, I realised that music was all I wanted to do.

How would you describe your sound? My Sound is evolving all the time but it is a bassy sound filled with harmonies and ad lips

Do you write and produce your own songs and if so what is your writing process? I usually write the text first and then I sit in front of the piano and try to find a cool melody for the lyrics. I work with two producers at the moment who listen to my wishes during production. I would love to start producing my own songs one day.

Who are your inspirations? I love Labrinth and Ariana Grande. Labrinth’s sound is so unique and powerful; and both his and Ariana Grande’s vocal performances inspire me.

You currently live in Austria has living there influenced your music? That is a tough question. My Sound is very different from Austrian musicians and I guess it is because of my multi-cultural background so the musical side has not been influnced by Austria. However, the lyrics are about my experiences living here.

What do you want to achieve in Music Naturally,I would love to make a living with music but also that people can relate to my songs. The day that fans come up to me and tell me that my songs helped them when they were troubled is the day when I have achieved my goal.

Any messages for your fans?

I can’t wait to meet you and perform for you ! Music link to my second single: cheers, Sini


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