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Spotlight interview with the fast rising classic duo "BARBUDO"

After being introduced to the English duo with the release of their latest single "Magnolia Mansion" We sat down with them to discuss their start in music, influences and of course to speak about their new incredible throwback single.

1. How did you both get into music? Was music a part of early life?

"We were born into it really. Both our parents are really into music and that’s what got us started. Our mum used to play guitar and sing to us when we were younger and that inspired us to pick it up and start playing ourselves." 

2. Your latest single Magnolia Mansion has some fantastic nostalgic Disco vibes. What was the inspiration behind the record?

"The track always goes down well live. It always gets people moving and so we wanted to recreate that on record. We wanted to make something that sounds kinda similar to an old disco hit you could have heard before." 

3. How would you describe your sound?

"It’s a modern take on a classic approach - We take inspiration from many different genres so it’s a big old mix of funk, soul and disco as well as a bit of psych."

4. When it comes to inspiration from other artists past or present who do you look to?

"It goes without saying that our biggest inspiration comes from The Beatles, even if you can’t hear it in the music. They’re the best songwriters to have ever lived, in our opinion. Apart from that we listen to a lot of groups like Earth, Wind and Fire, Funkadelic/Parliament, Steely Dan and the Isley Brothers."

5.  Would you say there are any common themes in your work?

'We generally write songs based on our experiences and these generally vary between the songs.  Yet, to a degree, there is a commonality between the songs in reflecting the times we live in."

6.  What do you want to achieve with your music? 

"We want people to have a good time and enjoy themselves while listening to our music. Just to have people engage with it and for it to evoke an emotional response is something that we hope to achieve with our music."

7. Is there an album in the works that we should expect in the future?

"We’re sticking with releasing singles for the time being and seeing how that goes but you never know."

8. Any messages for your fans?

"Thanks to everyone for listening so far. More songs are on the way."

Listen to BARBUDO here


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