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Spanish Piano sensation Paz Del Castillo releases tender classical single of bliss "I Fight"

The composer and artist who hails from the Northern Spanish area of Asturias has released a collection of beautifully crafted singles and albums over the past number of years each with their own significant tones. Her latest single "I Fight" is an incredibly moving and captivating song. Compelling drifts of piano switches of fluctuating intensities make for a heartwarming and inspirational listen.

Moments of pondering reflection and sadness transition into motivating sonic beams of light. Even with just a singular piano as the sole instrument, the song is nothing short of beautiful. The title matching perfectly with the narrative of the song. The sense of fighting on through battles of a personal nature is what this song feel like. A subject that no doubt many people can immediately relate to.

The song almost feel like two records in one, reaching conclusion at the 4:12 mark, the listener really feels like they have been on a whole fully circle journey here. The emotion displayed by the artist through her playing the instrument ads an even greater sense of conviction to the piece overall making it a classical masterpiece. The future look so bright for this artist who has already amassed an accolade of achievements, featuring on various platforms and stations worldwide. Listen to "I Fight" here


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