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Space Engineer takes a step back in time with "Memory Trip"

Indie rock pop combined with back and forth acoustic melodies hold the crown on Space Engineers latest album offering. Noted by many as sound similar to the Beach Boys and the Beatles, Terry Lyndon the man behind the title has definitely brought out his A game on the full length project.

The ten track album starts with "How everything works"which is an uplifting instrumental heavy opener. We then step into "If I knew what I mean"and "Tell Me Something" both of these numbers are classic Indie records with addictive choruses that you want to play over and over again, a real credit to Terry's song writing capabilities.

The second half of the album offers great progression with "Circus World". "California Sun" and album closer "Neon"being notable highlights. The album does a great job of culminating Space Engineer's strong witting and acoustic tendencies with a full scale but laid back production addition.

With a variety of single releases over the last number of years the album definitely feels like a strong showcase of everything the artist has been building up towards.



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