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Sorry X drops her blockbuster E.P "Lost in transition."

Easily her best project so far. Sorry X is someone we picked up from the early days and she has been growing non stop ever since. Firstly this E.P is packed with heartfelt lyrics, great hooks and stacked production. The Arizona native has really come full circle on this project. her legacy becoming more solidified by the months and a sold fanbase that await every release like an early festive gift. The standout song for us being "Subject to Change" is a hard gritty banger that arrives loud and catchy without apology. The chorus makes the track even more explosive. Overall "Lost in transition" has all the ingredients to make Sorry into the national star she deserves to be. The good news is she is still very young and time is on her side along with the legends of fans behind her.

Listen to the E.P here


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