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Smokee Whine's new seductive single "Stay"

Smokee Whine, is an artist in every sense of the word. The artist combines his love of rap and R&B to create a stunning genre infused blend. In his own words "You can be gangster and still be in touch with sensitivity and love. It's nothing wrong with telling a woman how you feel."

Smokee has been pretty consistent over the last number of months with a handful of highly anticipated single releases including "Don't play with me"and "Get Da Money." His latest release"Stay"has a trap based production backdrop that sets the mood and vibe of the track. Layered harmonic background vocals blend in well with the song. Smokee has a unique tone especially on his latest release. It can only be described a crooning seductive wine, that gives a distinct expressive feel and an organic individuality.

Hoping to continue with the run of great new releases, the artist will be unleashing the single for fans on April 30th with much anticipation and excitement.

In the meantime all of Smokee's music can be heard below


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