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SIR VERE deliver new high octane album “Pushing Beat Law, Pt.1”

SIR VERE are a UK Post Punk Electronic band. They have been keeping their growing fanbase and listeners entertained with an impressive array of releases over the past number of years. They now return with a new full length album project entitled “Pushing Beat Law, Pt.1” The album is high intensity action packed album of solid bangers.

The band have a clear sense of direction of where they wanted to go with this and it shows consistently throughout. Album openers “I’m On Fire- Nathan Green & systemic Mix” is a transfixing melodic banger with hypnotic drum patterns and some really unique vocal samples. It’s a progressive and gritty opener that sets the tone for the project.

“This is Heaven- Wiccatron Heated Chrome Mix” is a classic throwback to some 90’s nostalgia, the band showcase some really nice deep baseline and synths. It’s a clear early highlight. We then come to “My Mind-Sonale Mix” an adrenaline fuelled hit that is an addictive listen from start to finish, the type of song you can’t help but put on your repeat listen list time after time.

The album gets more ambient with “Overdrive- Sir-Vere Overdub mix” whilst “Kick Ass Blitz- One Dead Jedi Mix” showcases a stunning genre mix of Punk, Grunge and old school Drum and Bass tones. The sixth track “Hunger- S-VAS Linda B Takeover mix” is a dark track with a whispering vocal backline, it feel like the stakes begins to raise at this part of the album. “All You Ever Do- Vodzilla Mix” demonstrate just how versatile the band really are, with some nice uptempo vibes the track taking listeners into another realm altogether from the four minute mark.

The concluding parts of the album feature songs such as “Busted Loop- Systemic We Bomb At Dawn Mix” a rowdy and buzzing number that takes things up a notch with some nice 80’s synth Pop thrown in for good measure. “Extra Beat In My Heart- Nopez Irregular Mix” feels like one of the more experimental tracks on the album, whist “My Dark Places-Sir Vere Dekoration mix” contain baritone bass infused vocals and some out of this world production. We then close out with “Electra Glide (Wiccatron)” a smooth retro electro offering which arrives at just the right moment. Final original song “Invasion” is the climatic ending that the album deserves, hitting all the right notes to a solid and highly impressive offering from SIR- VERE



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