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Siquoyia Blue makes a statement on latest single “Player Hater”

Siquoyia Blue is an artist was raised in Newport News and currently resides in North Las Vegas. Her musical style is a distinct one, choosing to be proudly individual and separate herself from the current trend of commercial music and the mainstream heard.

With elements of Blues, Soul, Funk and Rock all featuring in the artists music. Singing since the age of six the artist takes heavy inspiration from the like of legendary artists such as, Amy Winehouse, Bill Withers, Nina Simone and Donny Hathaway.

Her latest single release entitled “Player Hater” is a mixed bag with a solid trap beat backing, along with catchy guitar strumming that appears in segments along the track. The artist sings powerfully on the chorus with the phrase “Player Hater You Think You Slick.” The theme of the track speaks on the battle the artist has had with a nemesis lover. The artist picks up the pace in the second part of the track with a further edginess in her vocals.

The song feels like Siquoyia Blue at her best as she entices listeners with her unique musical offerings. This year looks to be an even busier year for the artist with a new EP in store, fans and listeners await with ever eager anticipation.



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