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Shelby unveils catchy bedroom Pop single "Money Man"

"Now the lights out your a stranger" The past has a strange way of contrasting significantly with our present. For Shelby those themes come full circle in her latest single. The artist who has been releasing a number of singles over the last year, possesses an illusive but appealing style.

Her voice is soft, reflective but perfect for her style of music. Shelby has a tone similar to that of Billie Eilish, her delivery never too forced or overdone. She punctuates her lyrics with her distinct and ambient tone.

Her delivery almost has an elegant Hip Hop flow that was totally unexpected.

The harmonies in the opening section of the track add to the conveyance of the songs narrative. They work really well and are blended well into the song. From a production standpoint the song is simple but wonderfully effective, smooth, light and airy with soft drum patterns, light keys and synths. Making for a perfect bedroom Pop record.

The concluding chorus feels well placed with a good build up in the previous bridge. The lyrics catchy and purposeful especially for the themes of the song. The track definitely feels like something that a lot of people would relate too. With the topics Shelby covering in the song being something that so many people will have experienced.

Overall the song is great and will surely be one of many releases this year. Be sure to listen to "Money Man" here



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