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Sean Waterman showcases his album of bliss "Devices"

The Atlanta based artist, has been a consistent rising star for the last number of years. With a n acoustic blend of Pop, soul, folk and Indie. Sean Waterman is as versatile as they come.

His nine track album project encapsulates Seans work perfectly, a grass route of natural talent. Sean has a wonderful back catalogue that also contain a note worthy array of classics. However his latest album most definitely demonstrates his growth and maturity as an artist making his way in the industry.

Album opener "Rules" is a great vocal introduction backed with acoustic guitar and some wonderful string and drum instrumentals, the artist also does a great job of creating a bespoke set of fitting lyrics that add an additional layer and feeling to not only the track but the project as a whole.

"Bodies the second entry is a wonderfully arranged track, built up guitar strumming and harmonic vocals create a sonic ambience of warmth, a feel good track of the highest quality, made even better by the artists great vocals.

"Devices offers a sudden turn on the project with tones of UK drum and bass, the song is a well received alternative interlude on the album. Progressing with "Zero Hour" an experimental song that offers much in regards to spontaneous instrument deliveries. The track concluding with a solid but powerful guitar solo.

"Swerve"takes roots with a more Pop layered chorus and violins, displaying the artists knack for making records of various genres and nature. Follow up "Don't Let Me Down" has some interesting country tones and distorted vocals.

We then approach the final section of the album, which can almost be summed up, with the factual statement, save the best unit last.

"Easy is an emotional track of bliss, powerful, raw but so heartwarming, this is what Sean Waterman does best, there are no shortcuts in regards to production, everything is pure, natural and lush. The violins are beyond impressive, his vocals warmer than ever with a soothing tone every step of the way. A clear album highlight and likely one of the artists best tracks to date. The song is a track you can listen to on repeat and never want to stop listening.

"Blue is a laid back settled acoustic jam, a nice contrast in pace from the previous number. The final number is "Flatline"the perfect closing number. A true song of inner reflection built up with delicate acoustic guitar, bass and percussion. The album comes full circle here closing out in style, Sean Waterman is here to stay with an album that will without a doubt be known as a forever classic in his exciting and ever expanding discovery.




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