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Sean Johnson + Big Band Experience take us back in time with new album “Made For Her”

Sean Johnson is an artist born in Saint Joseph, Iowa and now resides in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, for Sean music has always been a part of his life in a major way.

Beginning his career in highly successful bands before setting his sights on his own musical journey. With the inspiration of Swing legends such as Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble, Sean brought together a collective of some of the best instrumental in the Midwest, to create a real life big band.

Now he returns offering a full length project for listeners, entitled “Made For Her” the album is a return to the days of nostalgic Rat Pack tones. Sean compiles a collection of songs on the album catering for all styles, his Jazz/Swing heavy style is on full display along with some more current Pop numbers which make for a diversified offering.

Most impressively is his smooth and elegant vocals which create an ambience of warmth on the project.

Overall Sean Johnson has delivered in every way on the album crafting a sensational body of work.




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