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Scott Zosel and his latest throwback single "Flow"

Scott Zosel, is as classic Country as they come. Known for making music with true heart, tasteful narratives and blissful instrumentals with real creative vibrancy.

His latest offering arrives in the way of a single from his latest album, the single is entitled, "Flow" a stunning song with many uplifting tones. Carefully inserted guitar strums stand throughout as the main and consistent backing,

"You always flow like a river to the sea" is the main standout lyric that Scott so effortlessly brings to the forefront here.

He has done a great job of providing fitting lyrics that compliment the style of the track, bright, warming and reassuringly complimenting. From a production standpoint, the song is relatively striped back allowing the vocals to be the main drawing point, we hear glimpses of electric guitar float in providing emphasis on certain points and words that the artist belts out.

This is definitely one of Scott's most prolific and iconic singles, that fans and followers are sure to hold high in regards when it comes to his collection of releases.



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