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SC.Undercover drops breathtaking second visual with "Morals"

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

When we first came across the British artist. His voice, writing style and brutal relatability offered something beautifully fresh and enticing. Then this year came the incredible Darkness Before Light, a stadium esque ballad with live violins, guitars and that falsetto. The video for that was nothing short of a masterpiece with flashes of old school Lana Del Ray and the Weeknd combined with a gritty rock pop edge. Fast forward two months later and SCU releases a summer UK Garage anthem Morals followed by a new visual shot in Atlanta. The visual is impeccably shot with everyday life of the city shown in full and SCU singing in the streets.

What's most impressive about SCU is he isn't just another musician or writer, he's an artist that oozes the creative charisma and expression of the older guard, mastering the art of character reinvention, from the dark gothic realms of DBL to the warm upbeat dace tempo of Morals singing in the streets of Atlanta. SC.Undercover is a special talent, a true showman. Artists like this don't come around often and when they do they tend to go one place. The very top. Watch Morals and Darkness Before Light here


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