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Savoy Ellis showcases soul masterclass on latest album“The Love Album”

Artists such as Savoy Ellis are a rare and no so frequent find these days. When fast paced pop factory made records take the centre stage in today’s world there is still a glimmer of the golden ages in artists like this one.

Savoy’s journey into music was an inevitable one, his family had a background in Jazz, gospel and soul. His mother played piano and his farther was a vocalist, even his uncles were in Jazz acts back in the 50’s

Returning to modern day, Savoy’s music is as soulful as you would imagine,

His latest full body of work entitled “The Love Album” is a collection of mixed genre magic. We begin with the opening track “Love’s Light” an incredible moment of musical bliss beings with some emotional live violins, transporting the listener into another world altogether.

Follow up’s “Over and Over again” and “Sunset Daydream” are groovy Indie vibes records with Savoy’s patented soulful flavour filtering through.

We also have a great skit in the album “Game Night” that adds a really nice personal feel, and provide a nice interlude in between the music.

Second half of the project showcases the powerful number “Fate” which is a smooth and intimate love song, the vocals on this track are especially good.

The tempo take a step up on “Favourite song” and “Don’t Break My Heart” before we approach the electric guitar infused interlude “Late Night.” The final track “Forever” is the perfect way to end the project. A powerful ballad where Savoy states his love for his partner. Beautiful piano hits and percussion add to the warm glow this track provides along with the stunning vocal display and well placed lyrics.




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