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SAVARRE signals change in the intense single “Unbeautiful”

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Rising spectra rock ensemble SAVARRE presents their 2020 single, entitled “Unbeautiful.” The song is alight with intense vocals and tantalizing guitar flicks. Delving into an Indie Rock vibe showcasing lead vocalist Shannon Denise Evans’ variating vocal tones, the artist speaks of being unique, a clear and distinct outsider to the heard, taking confidence in her unorthodox individuality. Featuring an appealing sound that glistens from the opening note to the end, Evans’ voice grandly percolates across your listening senses with its seamless timing and transitions.

The song breakdown at 03:30 is also a highlight on the track, with the production as a whole, a real blended mix of emotional scales and genre vibes. The chorus is delivered with the vocalist’s natural charisma, and the emotionally charged composition redefines musical boundaries. With a sound as dynamic as Savarre’s, the aural energy is boundless. Overall, “Unbeautiful” is an impressive song from Savarre.


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