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SAMESKY brightens up the world with the wonderfully catchy "Stay Cool"

Funky unstoppable grooves and all out feel good vibes, the latest release from SAMESKY entitled “Stay Cool by MR LINEN” is the perfect antidote to those grey tough days.

“I feel like cruising baby” says the artist in a smooth falsetto tone, the Austin Texas native has been busy with a variety of new releases over the last number of months. A clever approach to the artists image, is also worth noting as he appears as a French Bulldog on his website and bio. Never the less when it comes to the music, it’s impressive.

There is some definite Beach Boy influences along with some 80’s soft rock. Sweet sounding electric guitar riffs bring out some wonderful tones. Lyrically everything is solid, the song gels together so well, the combination of various voices and tones the artist uses throughout the track keeps things fresh and exciting.

There is also some Prince tones here, the listener can’t help but hear some elements of “I Wanna Be Your Lover” especially in the bridge and chorus, a real credit to the artists ear for creativity. The subject matter being that of cruising around in a boat, in which the artist amazingly makes it sound absolutely wonderful. This is one of those songs you can’t help but want to dance to

The ending at 03:14 is particularly good, a quick switch interlude style outro feels incredibly nostalgic and makes for the perfect ending to a great fun track




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