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Saint Mars reignite "Ocean Blues" with Synthwave masterpiece

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The band released the original single in 2016 to considerable acclaim. Now with an assist remix from Los Angeles based artist Droid Bishop the song takes on a whole new fresh dynamic. It's worth mentioning from the start that the lead vocalist Tryzdin was only thirteen at the time of the recording, an impressive demonstration of professionalism and musical capabilities for such a young artist. The singers conviction on the record really ads a strong emotional punch that remains consistent throughout the song. Throw is Droid's blistering synths, hi-hats and percussions and a gorgeous combination of synthwave pop is unveiled. Droid does a great job of keeping things moving switching up things a little with light inserts towards the outro. The backstory of the record actually entails a darker past with inspiration coming from the bands witness to a form of bullying and suicide, a subject matter that resonates considerably with each member of the band. With each release gaining considerable attention from media outlets and fans alike, it's clear Saint Mars have plenty more left to share. Whether that be in the realm of Electro Pop or Synthwave we await with eager anticipation for what's next. Stream "Ocean Blues" remix here

(Droid Bishop)



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