Ryan Lagup unveils synthwave album "Beat Shop"

The artist who hails from Honolulu, has has been keeping busy over the last year releasing a variety of Pop style records each with their own individual vibe and offering. This year however Ryan has released his much anticipated album,"Beat Shop"

Which consists of a 14 song classic. Covering intricate narratives and subject matters including break-ups, relationships and love. All relatable themes to many in our world today.

Ryan impressively wrote the entire album whilst behind closed doors during the height of the global pandemic, he also wrote over a hundred different songs specifically for the project with only the 14 in the album making the final cut.

The album itself is a real whirlwind of genre presentations. With "Never Did" and "Make you Move." Being the listeners highlights from the project. Solidified with great production the sonic landscape of the album variates but also remains consistent with the direction of the over-all body of work.

Ryan has gained a number of fans and followers all over the world over the duration of his so far illustrious career, that will no doubt be waiting for the next instalment of music.

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Album Beat Shop

Artist Ryan Lagup


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