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Runway Ty brings out his greatest album so far with “My Higher Self”

Runway Ty is back with a stunning album entitled “My Higher Self”

The artist provides listeners with a classic throwback project. The ten track album contains smooth and thought provoking lyricism, relatable themes whilst offering an inspiring insight into the artist’s story.

The production is also on point with the album, with various piano hits, classic hi hats and 808’s fitting in perfectly, variating tempo switches also provide a nice contrast as the album progresses with numbers like “MY PROJECT BUILDING” being a clear highlight both from a lyrical and production standpoint. There are also some well placed samples on the album that compliment the songs well.

Most impressively the album displays Runway’s ability to make records of a meaningful nature, in a world where Hip Hop is so often lacking in lyrical grit and poetic transparency. It is certainly not the case here, which makes the album that much more refreshing. In addition there is a wonderful nostalgic presence overall that makes the album easy to relisten time after time.



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