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Royce DeZorzi delivers blissful instrumental album “Denver”

Royce DeZorzi is back with a brand new album entitled “Denver.” The artist who is based out of Denver, Colorado has been actively releasing music over the last number of years. Previously operating in the genre realms of electric jam and ambient music, Royce focuses on solo acoustic guitar with his latest album.

The fourteen track project begins with opener “One For John” a really nice choice to start the album, a much welcomed display of acoustic elegance and beautiful playing. “Vision of Chloe” steps things up a little with a more uptempo vibe. What’s so impressive here is how Royce DeZorzi manages to paint a picture with his work, whilst keeping things simple and stripped back, he allows the listener to immerse themselves into another world as they follow the artist on a journey through the album.

“Iron Shackle” is a warming ballad of a song, it has moments of hope, bliss and emotional reflection, a rollercoaster of emotive playing and conviction. “Maybe Tomorrow Will Change Your Mind” keeps things subtle with some folk country vibes that fit in perfectly into the track.

“My Eyes Won’t stop Crying” is a statement of memories and love lost. The song naturally builds and progresses into a melodic climax towards the concluding section of the song.

“Angel” is a signifying song of hope and optimism, the title fitting perfectly, another angelic offering here from Royce who effortlessly and magically riffs and runs along the fretboard, the song also contains some wonderfully placed high notes that are the real highlight here.

“Denver” bring us back into the mountains of the American heartland, this is most definitely a song that could be the anthem of those camping in the remote highlands log fire by side, making memories alongside the ambience of Royce’s bold and fitting album.

“She’s Walking Away” is everything the title eludes to. It’s sad and ignites emotions that many of us today can likely relate to. Follow up “I’ve Got To Let Her Go” feels like a part two from the previous song, keeping much of the heartfelt tones close.

“Ayelen” feels like a worthy and refreshing interlude on the album, the song is uniquely different and unorthodox compared to the other songs on the album, a brave and bold choice here by the artist.

We then reach one of the diamonds of album in “Country Girl” this song has it all, catchy, reflective and smooth instrumental tones that are just stunning. “Buttercup” allows a similar vibe, keeping things light hearted and light. The concluding tracks of the projects are “Always With You” the song is a beautiful combination of soft soothing playing and contrast storytelling, Royce does well to balance all of the elements of this track.

Finally we reach the closing number of the album entitled “Reseda” an interesting choice to close out this full body of work. The song feels like a culmination of everything offered within the album, moments of sadness, joy and love make it the right way to end this highly impressive and versatile body of work.



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