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Rock Abruham unveils all on his latest album "From the Mud"

The Washington based artist who first appeared with his previous project "Thank you very much" returns with a blockbuster project consisting of twelve songs each variating and displaying the musicality and signature diverse tones of the artist. There's a significant nostalgic feel to Rock. The opening tracks display solid hooks built around an ambience of smooth production that remains consistent for the entirety of the project. 'Same Clothes" one of the standouts from the first half of the album really delves the listener back in time demonstrating Rock's throwback appeal. As far as lyrical context goes, Rock has a nack for bringing the harsh struggles of early life into his music, this is showcased immensely well on the album, clever wordplay and his direct nothing held back approach really create an aura of relatability that compliments the album well. In conclusion "From the Mud" has something for everyone a true hip hop classic body of work. Bring on the next one! Streams Rock's album here


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