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Riku(戮) mesmerizes with new single “Angel feather” (アマツカツバサ)”

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The Japanese rocker’s latest release comes in the form of ’’Angel feather.” Tectonic vocals, blistering drums and a high pace action-packed record leaves listeners in awe.

The underlying theme covers something that a lot of audiences can relate. With a narrative that talks about people facing a tough life and have a broken heart, Riku (戮) sings that an angel feather is left as the angel (the person with a broken heart) gets healed and flies up to the sky. Riku’s voice that is the biggest highlight of all on the song, layered with deep rooted emotional conviction and vocal power.

Only finding his feet as a solo artist one year ago after being the lead vocalist for famous bands such as “HISKAREA” and “Phantasmagoria,” Riku has already delivered many hits such as “The Regret Was Left Behind” and “Rin Pun.” And most recently, Riku (戮) was also seen publishing his debut 10-track solo album ‘ZORO.’

“Angel feather” (アマツカツバサ)” is now available for streaming. Make sure to follow Riku (戮) to know more about him.





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