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Riding the Wave of Hip Hop Excellence, 40 Acres Fratelli Drops 'Livin' Life' with a Classic Twist.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

The vision behind 40 Acres Fratelli is to establish a strong, defined brand for the collective of 6 talented artists, but this new record is comprised of offerings from just 2 heavyweights, G Premacy and Per DM."

"Livin' Life" their latest new release encapsulates the artistry and musical prowess of what 40 Acres Fratelli is all about. With a classic twist, the song embodies the spirit of the hip-hop genre while adding a unique touch that sets it apart. G Premacy's involvement in the track provides an additional layer of background and adds to the overall depth of the collective's creative expression.

By riding the wave of hip-hop excellence, 40 Acres Fratelli aims to captivate audiences with their powerful lyrics, mesmerising beats, and distinctive style. All the artists musical journey goes beyond individual accomplishments and their focus lies in cultivating a unified artistic identity that resonates with listeners.

As the artists from 40 Acres Fratelli share their sonical and musical perspective, it becomes clear that their intention is to build and nurture the collective's brand. While G Premacy's contribution is undoubtedly significant, it is essential to recognize the collaborative effort and the combined talents that make up 40 Acres Fratelli

"Livin' Life," features both G Premacy and Per DM in additinon to being produced by Cherry. The song also highlights the support from 40 Acres Fratell, a renowned and growing record label that recognises the power of unity in the music industry. With this release, G Premacy and his collaborators aim to push boundaries and create waves.

Per DM's presence on the first verse sets the tone for the entire track.

With his charismatic delivery, he grabs the listener's attention right from the start. His lyrics are filled with raw emotion, painting vivid pictures and bringing the song to life. The collaboration between G Premacy Per Dm and the entire 40 Acres team complement each other seamlessly. It's a true testament to their musical talents and the shared vision they have for the track. Each artist here brings their unique strengths to the table, trading verses and building upon each other's momentum.

Providing a 90's hip hop vibe mixed with a modern twist. The track is a combination of great bars and a stunning collaboration.

"Livin' Life" represents the collective's commitment to pushing the boundaries of hip-hop while simultaneously building a brand that showcases the immense talent within 40 Acres Fratelli. By focusing on the essence of the collective as a whole, they are paving the way for a bright and successful future in the music industry.




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