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Rick Shaffer takes a step back in time with new album “Tightrope Ride.”

Rick Shaffer is back with a hard hitting new album entitled “Tightrope Ride.” The singer and songwriter takes his listeners back in time with the nostalgic ten track project.

Taking close inspiration from the likes of David Bowie with garage blues tones featured throughout. Recorded entirely in Detroit the album features

Teddy Rixon on bass and Stevie Carlisle on drums.

The projects opener “Too Much” is a welcoming single to start the album setting the tone with heavy guitar riffs and the artists distinct vocals making an entrance from the start. Addictive melodies are a reoccurring feature on the album and it’s an impressive nod to the Bowie Iggy era.

“Ninety Nine Times” and “Another Day” refresh the pace slightly slowing things down, with a set focus on the artists old school lyricism, showcasing his skills as a songwriter.

“Borderline” is one of the catchiest numbers on the album which also highlights Rick’s vocals. It’s worth noting that the guitar solos here are really something special. As we approach the album midway point the pace picks up again and the mixing becomes more distorted creating that throwback feel that Rick intended to make a clear theme for the project.

“Wild Dance” feels like a mixed bag of genre influences with Punk, Indie and Country feels all making their presence felt here. The song is a gritty, gun slinger single that is intensified with Rick Shaffer's vocals.

Concluding track “Wrap It Up” is almost the perfect closing number. A big ballad feel kind of track that culminates with the albums leading themes and vibes packed into one, Rick is firing on all cylinders here and closes the show with a bang.



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