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Richard Schroder is back with inspiring EP The "The Stillness"

Richard Schroder has been rising quickly in the industry, the Boston based recording artist has seen some unbelievable success with his previous five releases. The lead single from his latest EP being no exception. "We all start somewhere" has also reached number #36 on the Music Row Country Breakout chart and #55 on the Billboard Indicator chart. Richards music has also seen keen support from official Spotify playlists.

The EP itself is a heartwarming mixed genre show of musical abundance. Smooth electric guitar solo's, country inspired tones and Richards distinct vocals show a great level of musical talent and professionalism. Richard makes sure that each of the records on display have a big chorus feel bringing the listeners into a world they can't help but enjoy.

Richard brings a real uplifting presence to his music, it's refreshing and so exciting to see. Production is also handled incredibly well with an outstanding job on the mix levelling all the live instrumentals and vocals perfectly.

With what can only be another huge success for the artist, fans will await for what is in store next

STREAM "The Stillness" HERE:


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