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Retropxssy is back with a fresh single hit "Part Of Me"

We covered Retro's previous UKG release "Sleepy Head"which was received incredibly well by fans and industry tastemakers alike. The London based artist has been on a role ever since she started to pursue her music career. With live shows and demand for Retro increasing with each new project.

Now she is back with a fresh, enticing new single. "Part Of Me" and it's classic Retro.

UKG influences remain prevalent from the opening thirty seconds. The artist has a wonderful distinctive spoken word feel to her music, possessing an effortless delivery of lyrics with her home grown accent.

Heavy bass synths provide a generous backing that accompany the speedy drums well. The layered vocals and harmonies feel well placed, remaining soft and elegant, never too overpowering.

"Part of me that I don't like"rings out during the catchy chorus lead, the narrative is a brave one, where the artist expresses in fluent transparency how being judged for who she is has made her who she is today.

With frequent and alternative hip hop innovators JoeJas and Deijuvhs on production,

'Part of Me' is described as a blend of dissent, depression and Detroit bass.

The visual for the song is equally as impressive, Retro has always been incredibly expressive with her visual content and the video for this one is exactly that. Dreamy close ups and grey street views provide incredible contrast, that really fit the vibe of the record. The closing dance sequence is especially impressive.

Retropxssy has hit the money again with her latest single! We can't wait to see what's in store next.



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