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Rebel offers a relatable insight on latest single “At Home”

Rebel’s latest release entitled “At Home” is sombre and emotional offering. This year has already been an action packed year for Rebel, with numerous projects being released, the artist has been keeping busy delivering a number of high quality releases over the last number of months.

“At Home” offers a relatable twist, taking the listener on a journey of heartbreak and a mesmerising insight into the artists mind. From a production standpoint, the artist brings a Lo-Fi influence in combination with wavy acoustics and some thought provoking lyricism.

What is most impressive about Rebel, is his ability to showcase his most sincere vulnerabilities through his artistic expression, he does not shy away from what he feels and makes stark yet relatable revelations in his music. His tone matched the vibe of the track perfectly with a laid back but intense approach, drawing listeners into his world in a way that only he can. “At Home” is definitely of the artists biggest entry’s of this year and it looks like he is just getting started.



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