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Realation release Heavy Rock thriller "Not Meant For Me"

Updated: May 30, 2021

The band are here to create musical pieces of art that hold true meaning. Focusing their music on genuine real and current world issues, that are often taboo or frankly ignored. The band feel one of the most important facets of human existence is the ability to relate to one another and the environment and society we exist in.

Their latest single"Not Meant For Me" is a gritty, spooky Rock ballad. With similarities to Rock legends "Saliva." The song is a heavy hitter in all aspects, with the slow build up intro culminating in a rock heavy extravaganza.

"My sense of self is gone" rings out as the lead vocals flow towards a full drum heavy chorus and bridge. Intense guitars also occupy the main chorus adding to the raw emotional tone of the record.

At the 02:30 mark the track breaks for a short break whilst the amps rev back building towards to the concluding and powerful ending of the song, the song is a unique blend of Rock, grunge, punk and Indie Rock. The alternative mix of genres add a greater depth to the bands style, delivery and overall presentation. Overall a great and powerful entry.


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