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Pusha Preme is intensity personified on "Never Thought"

Billboard official Pusha Preme was born and raised in New York, he is an artist that wants to be recognised firstly for his musical art and we can see why.

Inspired by the likes of Kanye West, the artist has been releasing a consistent number of great projects as of late.

His latest single entitled “Never Thought” is intensity personified. Featuring Jay Browne the song is the result of the natural and undeniable chemistry between both artists. Captivating listeners with a hard trap style beat. The song is inspired by the late MF Doom. The artists floats over the beat with lyrics about overcoming the struggle that he came from. “I get what I want, I get what I need” is the catchy hook that fits perfectly into the production. Pusha’s style is direct and wonderfully unfiltered. The artist has really stepped up on his latest release, his hunger for industry success on clear display as he continues on his exciting musical journey.




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