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Preethevibes set temperatures souring in spectacular new single “Winter Love”

Preethevibes are a fast rising group based out of New York City, equipped with soulful Hip Hop, Jamaican Dancehall and Ghanaian Afrobeats the band offer a unique and enticing blend of music.

Their latest song entitled “Winter Love” is a stunning uptempo dancehall banger, the production is unstoppable that competes only with the swift and crisp vocals. The band are a rare find simply because they have so many sleeves and layers when it comes to their music. From the R&B style vocals to the Jamaican rapping bars that just fit so naturally into this record.

“Winter Love” is a radio ready hit, club floor banger and a close intimate one all wrapped up into one, it’s the perfect IT factor song for the summer let alone Winter, not to mention the insanely addictive guitar riff that appears in the later half of the track. This is truly a song that you play and never want to stop listening to.

A real credit to just how good these guys are, it takes serious professionalism to talent to take those risks in music when you blend genres, add multiple layers and different tones to a record, yet Preethevibes are able to do this with what looks like effortless ease. The song is without a doubt a hit, in every sense of the word. We can’t wait to see what is in store next, but for now we can all enjoy the absolute stunner of a record.




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