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Player Tu releases catchy summer bop "Friend Zone"

"She say I'm a dog, I'm a mans best friend" is just some of the lyrics in Player Tu's latest release. a classic Hip Hop jam with a narrative that many will be able to relate to. Smooth and wavy background vocals accompany the rapper's laid back and baritone flow.

Undeniably catchy, with a clear theme, that diamonds are a girls best friend. Player Tu takes inspiration from old school southern Hip Hop, those inspirations are transparently clear on his latest release.

The production centres around a light trap infused beat, nothing too heavy with some light touches of percussion. Player Tu keeps his lyrical approach moderately even paced never feeling the need to overly exaggerate the flow at any time, this works well and creates a more relaxed feel to the record.

With two solid releases in 2020, this year looks to be an even bigger year for the artist as he looks to expand his exciting and ever growing discovery.



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