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Phillip Good offers the perfect summer anthem with single “READY TO GO"

Summer is indeed in near site thanks to Phillip Good’s latest single entitled “READY TO GO” The song has proven to be a clear favourite online with over 600 Tik Tok videos using the song. Phillip has crafted an undeniable hit, the slick guitar riff opens the track and stays as an integral part of the record.

Country genre tones are showcased throughout the song with Phillips warm and enticing vocals making the perfect accompaniment to the beat. The artist certainly has made an effort to make the song commercially attractive to Pop audiences with dance Pop percussion clicks and some well placed 808 hits.

“READY TO GO” has an enormous amount of repeat value, it makes for the perfect song to go driving, top down enjoying life’s finest moments. Lyrically the song focuses on the artists offering of loyalty to his “Lil Mama” making for a relatable song that many of Phillips listeners will be able to align with. The ideal backyard party anthem yet the also a true heartfelt number.

Phillip looks to continue expanding his catalogue, with a consistent batch of releases over the last number of years. “READY TO GO” is a sure highlight in his array of catchy hits, no doubt more will be on the way from this exciting, fast rising artist.





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