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Pepper Gomez Ft. Tacoboy release infectious groove hit "Oh My Heart"

Pepper Gomes has been at the rising forefront of EDM music for some time now. Taking a decisive step in musical direction and independence. Working with a vast array of highly talented vocalists and musicians over the years, whilst being an imperative member of "Wake Up" Music group.

Pepper's latest single come with an assist from vocalist Tacboy. Who has also been making serious waves in his own right.

The song opens with a slick drum kick and clap, basic but perfect for establishing the groove vibe of the song. The bass thud and percussion kicks in from 00:40 seconds with some seriously cool background muffled vocals along with Tacboy's lead vocals adding warmth to the the song.

The intensity picks up at 02:25 with the progression leading to an all out trance style EDM classic, electric keys bringing us all the way out. It's easy to imagine yourself being transported to the heart of the dance floor as the addictive outro beats out into the course of the night.

"Oh My Heart" is indeed a super groovy classic dance hit


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