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Pamela Hopkins, is all business in new single "Givin' A Damn (Don't Go With My Outfit)

Pamela Hopkins, was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. She has been making music for over two decades. With her first album being released in 1995. A keen instrumentals and fully fledged musician Pamela has been constantly active since her debut. Whilst also taking up careers in the Police force and as an English teacher.

Her latest single entitled :"Givin' A Damn"(Don't Go With My Outfit) is an uptempo, self confidence filled empowering steady rock jam. Pamela possesses a bold powerful voice, that fits effortlessly on the track. The accompanying guitar solo and fierce lyrics provide a real sense of defiant attitude. Years of experience is on display hear, this type of confidence she has can't be taught overnight, it's been crafted and developed throughout her career.

Lyrically she's provided some superb content, that matches with her tone and style of voice perfectly. There's no doubt that Pamela is indeed back with a bang and this song proves it.


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