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Noble Barz raises the stakes with hard hitting album T.S.I.R

The Hip Hop artist who hails from the Bahama's offers captivating lyrical compositions and hard hitting themes using his music a form of honest expression, providing relatable and catchy records.

His latest full length album "The Struggle is real" consists of ten tracks with variating subject matters. The album opener "Life by the Page" is a humbling and inspiring Hip Hop banger. Noble Barz uses his signature flow over a smooth steady trap soul beat. "Beatin Up Your Gum" is an even more captivating track, with heartfelt and powerful vocals. Combining perfectly with the rappers lyrics. The trumpet sample also provides a sense of reggae nostalgia, all of these things make for a real head turning song on the album, about a real global issue.

"More Than Just Before" is a beautiful old school Hip Hop R&B throwback, made even more nostalgic by Noble's rap vocal and the accompanying golden background vocals. The song transports the listener to another world of personal self reflection.

"Struttin"again is another track backed by some stunning Trumpet solo's. An atmospheric beat flows along with Nobles lead vocals. More of an upbeat and groove infused track but a great listen nevertheless.

As we approach the albums outro, the final two tracks provide some amazing vibes "Sumth" is a real wavey track offering some insightful food for thought. Rhythmic layered vocals make for a great listen.

Finally and most impressively though is "Face to Face" a guitar backed tight beat track, Noble has vocals that are absolutely perfect for this style of record. Offering more than enough validation for repeat value, the chorus is super catchy and the lyrics are off the charts.

Make sure you listen to the full album "The Struggle Is Real" Here


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