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Nikki Njoku's epic experimental album Nouvel Ordre Mondial

The Canadian artist has amassed quite the following on Spotify thanks to her latest full LP release. The album is a thirteen track project with a generous variety of collaborations.

The openers "Le Vol" and "We Had a real" offer an unexpected but brightly entertaining entry.

Before we then reach the first musical song in "Expos Montreal" a Pop savy song about the effect the artists city had on her. The end is abruptly sharp leading straight into the next track "Oceania" which is a trap best inspired jam. The album takes a more alternative focus on the second half of the album. "Rotator" is an addictive rap track with an infectious groovy beat with some serious futuristic tendencies. "Solo's has an even more exaggerated swag, being an all good feeling track dripping in self confidence and possessing an aura of undeniable self assurance.

The albums concluding section features more experimental vibes mixing spoken word skits that provide a refreshing interlude between the albums musical records. "Fleur De lis" is an extra terrestrial jam focused around various themes. :

"Tender Nights in Montreal" rings out as the artist floats around singing the songs unique chorus.

Overall the album is a brave and unique entry we have enjoyed covering with many twists and unexplained songs and arrangements, the progressions feel fresh and leave the listener never knowing what to expect next.

Listen to the full album here


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