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New Mexico producer MP releases Lo Fi Hip Hop classic with "Again and Again"

The 25 year old artist who is based out of New Mexico and Texas follows up from his previous single "2x2". Creating a more laid back feel with his latest release. Along with a vocal assist from Jacoby Taylor who floats the smooth catchy hook "Problems they come" over the elegant but tightly arranged beat. Blending elements of both Lo Fi and Hip Hop. The artist does an amazing job at balancing the different tones on the record. The drums compact and not to overly edgy and the light synth taps offer some really inspiring vibes. The lyrics speak of overcoming obstacles, achieving greatness and pushing through the challenges that the artist has been forced with. A common theme among many artists these days. Impressively the contrast between this and the artists earlier works make the song even more enjoyable, as we see the continuing growth of his musical development and enthusiasm for making records that speak volumes through his skill and delivery. Listen to "Again and Again" here

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