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NevaLow keeps the pressure on with stunning follow up album “In Da' Stu', Vol. 2”

Picking up right where he left off NevaLow drops “In Da' Stu', Vol. 2”. The album is nine tracks of unfiltered rap, catchy swagged lyrics and confidence inducing hits.

The artists distant vocals are laced with groggy alpha tones from the northern Cali musician. Blending genres of Trap and more traditional Hip Hop, the album showcases more uptempo intense tracks such as opener “Blabbers’ and “Talk 2” with more sombre numbers such as “Da JIG IS UP” and “Sade.” Before closing out with the albums highlight “Sewin Oats.”

Overall NevaLow continues to impress time after time with each and every release, things don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon and both us and his fans are all ears for what’s next from the exciting fast rising artist.



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