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Nevalow drops wavy new album "My Perception"

The artists latest release comes off the back of a multitude of classic hits and songs. Already this year the artist has released a plethora of albums in the first quarter of the year. A staggering and seriously impressive feat for an Independent talent, providing fans with more than enough music to keep satisfied.

Moving on to the album itself, it's a mixed bag of trap and light Hip Hop. The artist does a great job of creating a laid feeling and vibe as the album progresses.

Songs like "Juh Wanna Flex" and "Dgaf" are certain highlights on the project, the artist lyrics fitting well with the overall themes of the project. Production is simple and trap inspired but more than effective in creating catchy trap bops for the listeners.

It looks as if Nevalow has no intention of slowing down anytime soon, with another album in the bag, he can add this one to his ever expanding and variating discovery.



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